Christmas Fast

The Feast of Light: Meditations.
The Feast of Light, beginning with the preparation for Christmas on November 15 and consisting of the Holy Days of Christmas, Theophany
and the Encounter with Simeon and Anna, is a very large part of the spirituality of our faith in God: One in the Holy Trinity. It is not simply a sentimental feast, as outward celebration of events that happened in history, but an encounter with God in the depths of our being. This book is a series of meditations, in a world that is sometimes very dark and confusing, on what it means to be a follower of Christ, a Christian today.

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For The Lord To Act : A Catechetical Commentary On The Divine Liturgy

Corrections in the book:

P. 4 – third line from bottom: “Partial” should be “parcel”
P. 24 – 4th line from bottom – omit “a world” – should read, “another world, a truly divine and human habitat”
P. 26 – 5th line from bottom – add “that”: “but a mystery that has been solved”
P. 37, l. 2 – add “because”: “a real, living sacrifice because there is a spirit of sacrifice”
P. 89, final paragraph, line 5 – add “Church” – “the general position of prayer in the early Church was to … “
P. 129 – section, Holy Gifts to Holy People, section, line 4 – the Greek should be transliterated – “ta Hagia tois hagiois”
P. 140, last full paragraph, line 6: – replace “And so” with “Therefore, …
P. 142 – line 1 – omit “prayers or” – “There were originally no further blessings … “

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